About the Farm

The farm is located in northern Henry County, Kentucky, about 40 miles from Louisville via I-71. The farm is 98 acres nestled in the beautiful rolling hills of the Kentucky Bluegrass. It is a rich blend of tillable acreage, pasture, woods, ponds, (wet-weather) creeks, and (over)abundant wildlife.

Sunflowers Blooming at A Place on Earth CSA Farm

Like most farms in the area, this place was mined for tobacco and corn for years. Depleted soils are now being nourished by applications of well-rotted manure and lime, establishments of annual and perennial green manures, and giant heaping of diligent, loving care.

The farmers are Courtney and Carden Willis. 2023 is our nineteeth year running this CSA and our fourteenth on this farm. We did not grow up farmers, but found our way here through a passion for social and ecological justice and simple, purposeful living. Being relatively fledgling farmers, we have great admiration for good farmers and sound farming. Carden learned and apprenticed at Potomac Vegetable Farms outside Washington, DC, and Peach Valley CSA Farm in Silt, Colorado. Both Carden and Courtney aspire to such crafts(wo)manship and artistry as Carden witnessed on these farms. Farming is hard physical labor but equally demands serious powers of observation and management and ingenuity.

Double Rainbow over A Place on Earth CSA Farm

We built the greenhouse in Spring 2008, lost it to Hurricane Ike, and rebuilt it in 2009. A 2400-foot long, 8-foot tall woven wire deer fence was also constructed in 2009, and irrigation was installed in 2012.

We are at the beginning of a long process of establishing perennial gardens, orchards, fenced pasture and shelter for grazing animals and further diversification. The potential of this place is unlimited.

Other residents include 60 laying hens, dogs, and several cats.

Photo of Tierra, Courtney, and Carden