What is CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a partnership between growers and eaters, acknowledging our interdependence, knowing one another. Growers have shared freshly harvested foods with their local communities since civilization began. We continue the tradition.

CSA is good food. The healthiest food on the planet and for the planet is the freshest food, grown closest to home. Fresh, lovingly farmed food is alive with nutrients, flavor and texture, often surprising to those who are only familiar with the supermarket imitation, where shipping ability and shelf life are the chief concerns. Delicious varieties, picked ripe, straight from the fields to your fridge!

Farmers at A Place on Earth CSA Farm

CSA is preserving family farms and investing in the future. The myth of inexpensive vegetables, like that of cheap oil, is belied by health issues, soil, water and air degradation, exploited labor, etc. From a dollar spent on food from the grocery store, as little as a few cents may actually be compensating a farmer. CSA throws out the hidden costs. We have a real budget, and the health of the soil, plant, animal and human life here is inexpressibly precious. Family farms cooperate with their land to keep it fruitful and beautiful and also maintain invaluable knowledge about a particular place. Since we want a future, we recognize that those who provide our sustenance are indispensable and have a right to a good livelihood.

CSA is land conservation. 1.5 million acres of farm land are lost every year to urban "development." Your support ensures that this land remains productive, green, and undivided. We believe in the beauty and energy of this land and are committed to loving and enriching it. Those who work the land should own the land. After several years sharecropping, we bought this farm in 2007 at age 26. We are committed to this place and able to pay the mortgage through Community Supported Agriculture. As the average age of farmers in the US approaches 60, supporting this CSA is also ensuring a next generation of growers and stewards.

CSA is food participation. This farm is an incredibly collaborative effort. A box of pre-packaged, pre-prepared, pre-dressed, pre-washed and pre-grown calories is convenient, but we lose something of our identity at such a distance from our food. Food raising is fun, and we learn lessons and celebrate with the triumphs of little seeds, the stories that accompany each bite. Shareholders may be involved in what is grown, how it's grown, how it's sorted, bagged, boxed, banded, delivered, consumed. We strive for more co-operation and are grateful for small blessings and miracles. The more we work together, the more we accomplish. Newsletters chronicle the growing season saga, while Phyllis Fitzgerald teaches us how to use the bounty of the moment in weekly e-mails. Potluck celebrations bring us all together over our food, where it's grown. Know your food, know your farm, know your farmers!