2023 Share Costs and Info

A Place on Earth CSA Farm offers 24- and 12-week vegetable shares, cut flower shares, and egg shares, all of which begin in May or June. One vegetable share typically satisfies a family of four or two dedicated vegetarians. Savvy shareholders store produce for the winter months. Or split a share with someone to lighten the load.

For more information, send us an email at courtney@aplaceonearthcsa.com

Here is a brief summary of what we offer:

  • Full Vegetable Share: Weekly boxes from May 31 through November 11. This share includes the full 24-week growing season, from the first greens of Spring to the final roots of Fall and everything in between. $680
  • Half Share: 12 deliveries. Same as full share, but pickup is once every two weeks. $380
  • Returning Working Share: Welcome back!
  • New Working Share: $0 for four hours of farm work per week. Contact us for more information and availability.
  • Summer Vegetable Share: Weekly boxes from July 5    through October 7. This 14-week share is for those who prefer the colorful fruits of Summer and want to pass on the cooler season crops. $500
  • Half summer: Same as summer share, but pickup is every two weeks. $280 
  • Cut Flower Share: June through the first Fall frost. A weekly arrangement of freshly cut, seasonal blooms. Summer annuals like sunflowers and zinnias, perennials like butterfly weed and purple coneflower, and farm wildflowers. $120
  • Winter share: Storage crops like squash, sweet potatoes, garlic, onions; hardy roots like carrots, parsnips, beets; and a wide variety of cold weather-loving greens. Share details and sign-up in the fall. Fresh Kentucky vegetables year-round. 
  • Egg Share: $100/20 dozen
  • Chickens: $4 a pound, payment due at time of delivery. We sell whole, pasture-raised birds, freshly processed.
  • There are four pick-up options:

    1. The Farm, Wednesdays or Saturdays
    2. Old Louisville, St. Phillip Neri Chapel, 230 Woodbine Street, from 8 to 9 a.m. on Wednesdays
    3. East Louisville, Springdale Presbyterian Church, 7812 Brownsboro Road, from 9 to 10 a.m. on Saturdays
    4. New Castle, Wednesday mornings