How it works

You purchase a share of the season's harvest at the beginning of the year. Weekly deliveries of fresh, seasonal produce bring clean, vibrant food straight from the farm to you. Immediate, real connection with the natural rhythms and cycles of the earth—consciousness of where "groceries" actually come from, when they are in season, and what real food tastes like—is fostered.

We are farmers, not a grocery store. We are bound by our climate and seasons, mistakes and mischances. Sometimes things come in late and sometimes they do not come in at all. Different crops may come and go weekly. The weather is always a boon for some crops, a bust for others, and a mixture of the two for most. This is the cyclical yet unpredictable reality that our species is used to. It is very grounding and very different from the huge storehouses of foreign produce that sit around on supermarket shelves.

Harvest is divided equally among the shares, except when there is great scarcity or bounty. When available, large quantities for preserving may be purchased.

Is CSA right for you?

Carden Willis holding flowers at A Place on Earth CSA Farm

What is CSA? CSA members like the relationship with food that is so alive, volatile, uncertain, unusual. If you do not like to cook or are afraid of the unfamiliar, CSA is not for you. If you spend lots of time out of town during the summer, CSA is probably not for you. Our job is to provide the food, and your job is to pick up, process, prepare, preserve, eat, use it every week. CSA members discover great gratitude and delight in the process, including the work it requires.

CSA cooking requires some creativity and inspires masterpieces. Sometimes you may receive and discover new vegetables or varieties or you may receive what seems an abundance of something. We will do our best to inform you of what is in your share and how you can use it. Phyllis Fitzgerald, A Place on Earth CSA member and eloquent food writer, inspires us all with her weekly writings containing fabulous, simple suggestions and recipes. Ask your neighbors, too, and share your discoveries. Be excited by and talk about food. Be prepared to share your share.


Full blooming flowers at A Place on Earth CSA Farm

We do not run the governmental gauntlet of organic certification, which is intended for middleman agribusiness. We do eschew synthetic chemicals, insist on diversity and small-scale, and center our farming practices around building and maintaining healthy soil through methods like crop rotation, cover cropping, mulching, manuring, and minimizing heavy traffic and compaction.

All are welcome to come to the farm and help us to be good stewards of this land.

Money matters

The farm budgets for 75 shares. When we fill up, we are filled up. Reserve your spot ASAP. Your early commitment guarantees your space and facilitates planning and paperwork for us. We are open to various payment schedules; talk with us.


The share price includes 4 produce boxes and several pint containers to remain in rotation. Bring them back, clean, to the pick up spot the following week. If properly (dis)assembled, the boxes will easily endure the season. Please do not rip boxes open; ask for a demonstration—they effortlessly fold along creases. Boxes gone missing or returned damaged will cost an extra $2 each.


If you will not be able to pick up your share and cannot arrange for anyone else to do so, please call and give us at least 2 days notice.

We email newsletters as frequently as possible to keep you informed of farm happenings. Knowing the story of your food, from seed to table, gives character to the food and local flavor to the eating experience.


The growing season is unrelenting. We do not have much time for travelling from the farm. Molly and Don Brewer make a huge contribution by graciously doing deliveries for us into Louisville twice a week. We do aim to be at your pickup spot at least once a month. We always enjoy reconnecting with the wonderful people who comprise this CSA, as well as welcoming new friends.